Being VEGAN is easy! It’s Going Vegan That’s The Hard Part

Veganism is not a cult, a belief system or for everyone. It’s a personal choice to not partake in the exploitation of animals wherever and whenever possible and reserved for only the strong!

Vegan is so the wrong term to describe: “compassionate humans who refuse to partake in the murder and exploitation of sentient beings”. Vegetarians follow a meat-free diet, drink milk, wear musk perfume, and buy leather. Vegans follow a plant-based lifestyle and refuse to be caught dead sucking on other animals, smelling like deer balls, or wearing the skin of a slaughtered creature. Once your mind has clicked over, there is no going back, your palate will follow suit and soon you will discover what food was meant to be.

But BEWARE! Your family will think you are insane! Your BBQ buddies will shun you, strangers will mock you, and for some inexplicable reason you will transform into an animal activist overnight, but wait, there’s more… The best part is that once you’ve made the decision and conquered the short, but deeply intense “dark night of the soul” that follows, you will no longer be poisoning your body, increasing the demand for death and agony crystallised into rotting flesh, or aid in the destruction of life for profit. You will also outlive every single one of your critics, but that’s just a happy side effect.

It takes confidence to order off the menu everywhere you go, but you will be gobsmacked at how many chefs relish the opportunity to be creative, not to mention conjure up a designer Vegan dish for a someone who promises to post said culinary masterpiece on Facebook, nudge-nudge-wink-wink!

If in doubt, simply watch Earthlings… Again.