Serving HungryVores

Serving HungryVores

Serving HungryVores

HungryVores of carn and omni!
Do you not smell the death so hot on your every breath?
While violence flows thickly from sickly fingers,
toxic deeds brings doom and disease that lingers

The mute nothing of demise shrieks ever closer,
but the breeze has shifted into a veil of mist now parting
Soon ye beautifully precious & beloved beasts,
shall ye inherit peace everlasting

If gorging on tender sentient flesh is so desired,
Why not personally prep your puppies for the pot?
Why be picky eaters if ‘tis truly the way you’re wired?
Why struggle so to connect the most obvious dot?

As meat-man’s blood moon wanes,
so my voiceless friends will no longer twist in pain
Soon ye delicately loveable & innocent creatures,
shall ye yet again rule this earthy domain

Tick- tock, the titanic tips for top homunculi,
stand up, speak out, it’s harm none ever or we all die
Glinting grim time razors in on all life unreserved,
wake now or soon it may be your own meat-suit you get served!

– D.F. Bothma

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